Hi, I'm Linda.

I love quiet spaces and early mornings. My studio is my home and is just south of Raleigh, where the birds sing every morning and stars still show off at night. In painting watercolors, I juxtapose strong and subtle pigments in an expressive style that is close to realism. I paint like how I see things in a fond memory - warm, bright, and happy. 

My husband and I take pride in learning skills and growing together, undertaking home projects and furniture builds in our spare time. I truly believe in encouraging curiosity in knowledge and compassion for others. There is always more to learn. Every one has a story. 

I look forward to helping you preserve your memories. If we meet, I'll be the one in the striped dress. 

Keep up with me through Instagram (@lindacreative) or my blog. Thank you for your interest and support! 

Photo by Cor Photography

Photo by Cor Photography

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